The Glacier Journey family is committed to work for a better environment and for an unremitted world.

With the help of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals, Glacier Journey wants to improve the global challenges of, to mention a few, poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental degradation.

Glacier Journey is proud to be officially recognized as a sustainable tour operator. Despite us at Glacier Journey receiving recognition for being a sustainable tour operator, we continue to find more items to improve. We believe that if a company like ours wants to prosper there is only one way to do it; in harmony with nature and in harmony with the community and the local population. We prioritize local produce if possible, to prevent long shipping distances as well as having the possibility to assure that the retailers also prioritize nature as well as workers’ rights.
Glacier Journey contributes to volunteer work locally and donates to various help- and charity organizations.


  • We turn off the lights and other equipment when it’s not in use.
  • We use energy-saving light bulbs or LED lights everywhere where possible.
  • We use energy-saving equipment everywhere where possible.
  • When changing different equipment in the company, we buy the ones which are the most energy efficient.
  • Where possible, we use motion sensors for our lights.
  • We don’t let the tap run when we aren’t using the water.
  • We are using water-efficient washing machines and dishwashers.
  • We use water-conserving toilets.
  • We sort our garbage and make sure to reduce any food waste.
  • We offer our customers to sort their garbage.
  • We only make affairs with print shops and alike who are environmentally certified.
  • We print on environmentally certified and/or reusable paper.
  • We use soap dispensers.
  • We use renewable and reusable products where possible.
  • We focus on buying products from manufacturers who offer environmentally friendly and/or renewable packaging.
  • We deal with hazardous waste and pollutants carefully and make sure they are disposed of in the correct places.
  • We don’t put hazardous waste or pollutants down the drains.
  • We clean our vehicles at assigned areas where the detergents don’t pollute nature.
  • We do our best to use vehicles that are eco-friendly and fuel-efficient.
  • We adjust and inspect our vehicles regularly to lessen the pollutants.
  • We don’t unnecessarily idle our vehicles.
  • We carbon offset all our fuel consumption.


  • We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business.
  • We support our staff if they want to access further training and /or education.
  • We have made short-term and long-term development goals about sustainability and social responsibility as a guiding light.


  • When possible, we buy local products and produce.
  • We financially support children and youth worldwide for their chance to education.
  • We support many community projects.
  • We give a certain amount of our profit/time to nature conservation and community projects.
  • We support local organizations and projects.
  • When possible, we buy art and crafts which are produced locally.

Glacier Journey‘s goals that we reached and will continue working on;

  • Increase even further the cycle of thinking and behaving considering consumption.
  • Consciously reduce any unnecessary consumption .
  • Worked on and are working on being in complete harmony with nature and being as sustainable as we can possibly become.
  • Provided economical support for education, nationally and internationally. To children and youth.
  • Provided equal opportunities and pay for everyone, no matter of gender and background.