Snowboard & Skiing

For children aged:6-10 and 11-14, years old, beginners and with no experience.

A maximum of 12 children per course. 4 days course, schedule from 10am to 3pm.

Course Schedule:
18:00, the day before the lessons start, we meet and get to know each other, talk about how the lessons will take place and what is our goal for this 4 days course.

We choose the right technical equipment for every each student that needs to rent, we make sure that the equipment owned by the ones who don’t need to rent, it is in good technical condition.

We prepare the best fitting equipment and find the right sizes. The equipment handed in the first day, will be used by the student, for the entire course length.

On this day, parents should inform the instructors about the possible allergies or health restrictions.

Day 1: Full day of teaching
Day 2: Full day of teaching.
Day 3: Full day of teaching.
Day 4: Half day teaching and after, demonstration for parents. Feedback about the entire course, and more precise advices, for every each student.


Drive from Flatey to the ski area and back to Flatey, hot drinks(tea and hot chocolate ).

The students will bring their own healthy and good lunch. Sweets and soda is not allowed.

PRICE: 40.000 kr.

Driving from the swimming pool in Hofn, to Flatey at 8:30 am, punctual. Price is 500 kr, back and forth.The students who need ski(snowboard) equipment from us, they can rent it for 1,000 kr/day. We do not rent clothing equipment(overalls, gloves, googles, etc ). The ski & snowboard instructors, teaching at the course, have a large experience in teaching children. The parents will let their children with the instructor and meet again at the end of the teaching day. We are expecting better results if the parents are not nearby.

People have different needs so feel free to email and get more information if needed.