Take your ice cap glacier exploration to a higher level

Going on a tour with us at Glacier Journey in an Ice cave, situated in Europe’s largest glacier, is an opportunity of a lifetime.
The ice caves are ever changing but always remains beautiful and interesting and never cease to amaze. Which ice cave we visit can change between, and sometimes within, seasons.

We at Glacier Journey will pick you up at Jökulsárlón – The Glacier Lagoon, where we have our base camp during the winter months. From there you will be driven in a specially modified Super Jeep on a narrow gravel road as close as we can get to the ice cave.
A short walk later and you will enter the ice cave and experience the beauty of the glacier from the inside.

Our local guide will provide you with safety equipment (helmet and crampons) before beginning the short walk.
In addition, you will experience great views as well as receiving information about the glaciers and icefields and their impact on our environment.

Age limit is 8 years old

Tour length in total: approx. 2.5 hours

More information


Ice cave tours are available from November to March


Approximately 2.5  hours.

What’s included?

Guided tour, transportation from and to our meeting point, crampons and helmet.

What to bring?

  • Good waterproof hiking boots
  • Thermal underwear
  • Wool or fleece thermal mid-layer
  • Hiking pants
  • Waterproof pants and jacket
  • Warm Gloves and a hat
  • Good warm socks

Glacier Journey reserves the rights to refuse participation of clients if they are not dressed according to weather since that would put the clients at risk. In these circumstances there will be no refunds given.

Meeting point

We meet at Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon, 15 minutes before departure.
GPS Coordinates; 64.048096,-16.17877

Plan B

Sometimes we are not able to access the ice caves due to weather. Unfortunately, this scenario is out of our control!
Because ice caves are the plumbing system of the glacier, the cave will need time to evacuate the excess water if there has been intense rain the days leading up to the tour.

If that happens, we will offer our Super Jeep Black Beach tour. You will see the ruins of our first local airport and the lighthouse Hvanneyjarviti. You get to see one of Iceland’s toughest entrance to Höfn harbour, where we can see seals spying on us while we look at the amazing view of the mountains all around us. Finally we travel to a mesmerizing Glacial lagoon that lies beneath Fláajökull or Heinabergsjökull. There is a big herd of reindeer that we are often so lucky to see on our way to the lagoon.


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The Glacier Lagoon | Gps: 64.048096, -16.178778


  • Good outdoor clothing and hiking boots are required.
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required for all our tours.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform our guides if they have any kind of health issue.
  • There is a 48 hours’ cancellation policy; customers will receive a 90% refund if they cancel the tour at least 48 hours before departure. No refund is provided if the notice is less than 48 hours.
  • If the tour is canceled by Glacier Journey for some reason, i.e. due to weather, customers will receive a full refund.
  • Glacier Journey does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions.
  • All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants.
  • Glacier Journey cannot make sure that no other person or other unrelated groups are in the area at the same time as our tours.
  • Required participants per tour are at least two people.