What should I wear for my tour?


For the snowmobile tours we recommend you to wear something comfortable, warm and cozy. You should wear good and at least semi waterproof shoes. We always recommend you to bring good gloves and sunglasses.

For the Ice cave and glacier tours you should wear a warm and comfortable inner layer and waterproof and warm mid- and outer layers. We do not recommend jeans as they become heavy, cold and uncomfortable when wet.

You should always keep in mind that this is Iceland, where you should be prepared for every weather at any time. The weather changes fast, sometimes within minutes. It happens more often than not that one moment it’s sunny and the moment after there’s snowfall.
A general rule is that less is more does not apply here. Always aim for being warm, dry and comfortable. Sunglasses are recommended for every tour as the sun can lay low during the winter months, as well as the sunbeams being sharp against the snow during the summer.